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Why d meeting

This Virtual Conference, organized by the Special Journal of Laws, Ethics, and Religion, hopes to bring together global and regional best brains to discuss the details of corruption in the various judiciary sector institutions.

The emphasis is on separation of powers, mandates, and processes, professional moral standards, protection from interference, and training, universal moral justice that cuts across boundaries from countries to countries all over the world.

This conference is special because it touches on issues that concern the general public.

Why take part
Let your voice be heard

We glad to accommodate all stakeholders in this virtual online conference about matters that concerns all of us. It is brought to the comforts of your bedrooms, doorsteps, and anywhere so as to give you chance to let your voice be heard.

No travels restrictions, no lockdowns, no vaccine passports, no visa applications, and so on. We can still achieve a lot in the pandemic despite the aftermath of the pandemic that brought us to the new normal ways of life.

The universal good
Our plan for your abstracts

Abstracts are stand-alone documents that should be clear, concise, and educative enough to allow readers to make decisions without reading the full text.

Abstracts are also published separately as Journals supplements without the may text.

Structured abstracts will be upgraded and published as “Opinion papers” or “Position papers”.

Ethics of Criminal Justice Virtual Conference 2021

Date: September 23rd – 25th, 2021

Deadline for Abstracts: September 14th,  2021


Fill these forms to register for the conference

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      Corruption cannot implement anticorruption in any way, and it cannot form the basis for anti-corruption struggles. The ethics of the compromised justice sector depicts a crippled legal and institutional system. The effect of corruption on the rule of law and sustainable development is harmful, derogatory, and destructive.


      The criminal justice system addresses the consequences of criminal behavior in society and it protects peoples’ right to safety. The key players here are the police, prosecution and judiciary, access to legal aid, prisons and alternatives, restorative justice, and victim protection and reparation.

      Conference topics may include but not limited to:

      Criminal Justice

      Session 1:  Society

      1. Justice as a core value of humanity found in all cultures, and civilizations
      2. Strengthening the rule of law depends on the prevention of crime
      3. Does Crime prevention save lives and saves money?
      4. Should Crime prevention look at social vulnerabilities in crime?

      Session 2: Children

      1. Do Children have a right to have their voices heard?
      2. No violence against children is acceptable, all violence is preventable
      3. Violence against women is common and everyone must act to prevent it.
      4. Are access to justice and legal aid the foundation for the enjoyment of human rights?
      5. Are all victims of crime are entitled to access victim-centered justice services?


      Session 3: Law enforcement

      1. The legitimacy of police officers’ use of violence?
      2. How can an officer remain impartial?
      3. Should law enforcement visibly wear guns in public?
      4. How much force is too much and Is working undercover deception?
      5. Investigate possible ethical implications associated with true crime podcasts.
      6. Should prostitution be legal in any country?

      Session 4: Privacy and disclosure

      1. How ethical is interrogation and Can torture be justified?
      2. The ethical consequences of lying when working in criminal justice.
      3. Should the police be allowed to access everyone’s data?
      4. Discuss the moral complications of “innocent until proven guilty.”
      5. Should convicted pedophiles be allowed to see their children?
      6. Can we teach ethics at schools to prevent crime?

      Session 5: Punishment

      1. What are the ethical implications of shooter drills at school?
      2. How should we deal with child soldiers?
      3. Examine the ethical problems of private prisons.
      4. When is capital punishment justified?
      5. Is it ethical to incarcerate juvenile offenders?

      To Register for the ENIDs-2021 conference on September  17-18th, 2021, fill the form above or call us:  +256 726 011573/  +256700488917 and/or send a mail to us at

      You will get an instant response in not more than 48hrs, from our dedicated staff mandated to serve you.

      1. Faculties………….US$20
      2. Students………….US$10
      3. Others……………..US$20
      4. Groups more than 20, get 30% off
      5. Register to listen [ US$10].
      6. Corporate Exposition: ….US$100

      Queries to: or (what’s app +256726011573) or direct call +256700488917 

      Abstract publication

      Accepted abstracts will be published as supplements in the Special Journal of Pathology, Immunology, and Cancer. It will also be published in all our social media outlets. Authors will be guided on how to write the manuscript for publication in any of our 20 special Journals after due process of the mandatory peer review

      Ethics of Criminal Justice 2021

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