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Special Issue on “the Ethics of Criminal Justice”

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Corruption cannot implement anticorruption in any way, and it cannot form the basis upon which anticorruption struggles can be based and built upon. The ethics of the compromised justice sector depicts a crippled legal and institutional system. The effect of corruption on the rule of law and sustainable development is harmful, derogatory, and destructive.

The criminal justice system addresses the consequences of criminal behavior in society and it protects peoples’ right to safety. The key players here are the police, prosecution and judiciary, access to legal aid, prisons and alternatives, restorative justice, and victim protection and reparation.

In this special issue, Special Journal of Laws, Ethics, and Religion expect papers with details on corruption in the judiciary sector institutions and with emphasis on separation of powers, mandates, and processes, professional moral standards, protection from interference, and training, universal moral justice that cuts across boundaries from countries to countries all over the world

Criminal Justice

Papers under criminal justice should be detailed in the following areas

  • Justice as a core value of humanity found in all cultures, and civilizations
  • Strengthening the rule of law depends on the prevention of crime
  • Does Crime prevention save lives and saves money?
  • Should Crime prevention look at social vulnerabilities that influence crime?
  • Do Children have a right to have their voices heard?
  • No violence against children is acceptable, all violence is preventable
  • Violence against women is common and everyone must act to prevent it.
  • Are access to justice and legal aid is the foundation for the enjoyment of human rights?
  • Are all victims of crime are entitled to access victim-centered justice services?


Papers under Ethics should be detailed in the following areas with answers to the questions

  • The legitimacy of police officers’ use of violence?
  • How can an officer remain impartial?
  • Should law enforcement visibly wear guns in public?
  • How much force is too much and Is working undercover deception?
  • Investigate possible ethical implications associated with true crime podcasts.
  • Should prostitution be legal in any country?
  • How ethical is interrogation and Can torture be justified?
  • The ethical consequences of lying when working in criminal justice.
  • Should the police be allowed to access everyone’s data?
  • Discuss the moral complications of “innocent until proven guilty.”
  • Should convicted pedophiles be allowed to see their children?
  • Can we teach ethics at schools to prevent crime?
  • What are the ethical implications of shooter drills at school?
  • How should we deal with child soldiers?
  • Examine the ethical problems of private prisons.
  • When is capital punishment justified?
  • Is it ethical to incarcerate juvenile offenders?


Submit your papers directly to the Editorial office here or by email attachment to or call +256782101486 and +256703129679 or +256785504057


We expect all papers to be in by October 1, 2021.

Virtual Conference – October 8-9, 2021

All authors of accepted papers under this collection will have the chance to participate in our upcoming virtual conference slated to serve as an avenue to drive home and disseminate the points made in the published papers. Use the guide on Manuscript preparation

Coordinating Editors

Mubuuke Gonzaga

Dr Mubuuke Gonzaga [Bsc, M.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D.] has a special research interest in Issues of mentorship, Bioethics, research ethics, and social accountability. Dr. Mubuuke Gonzaga is a lecturer at the Dept of Radiology/Centre for Health Profes Edu, MUK. He is competent in Radiology, medical education, inter-professional education, & collaborative practice. He has made a significant contribution in the area of mentorship, Bioethics, research ethics, and social accountability.

Oteji E AGWU

Oteji E AGWU LLB, BL, is a private legal practitioner in Owerri Imo State, Nigeria with a special interest is in Gender-based Domestic Violence, conflict/dispute resolution, and organizing bail to her clientele incarcerated with no court hearing for justice. She was a lecturer of Law at Kampala International University Uganda for 8 years. She graduated from Abia State University Uturu Nigeria and from the prestigious Nigeria Law School Abuja.  She has made significant contributions in the area of Gender-based Domestic Violence, conflict/dispute resolution, and organizing bail to her clientele incarcerated with no court hearing for justice


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